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About Zeal

Zeal Books is a new publisher dedicated to world-changing ideas. Our first title is Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son by Brad and Drew Harper. Our second title is The Freedom Factor: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others...and Yourself by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, the bestselling author of The Prayer of Jabez.

About zeal


Zeal Books is a new publisher dedicated to world-changing ideas. We’re focused and founded on love—love for our authors and love for their books. And love makes you zealous. Zeal's commitment to its authors, readers, and accounts is to only publish books we’re zealous for—books the world needs.


Zeal is led by Don Jacobson, a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, and former owner and President of Multnomah Publishers. When he sold his company to Random House in 2006, he never expected to start a new publishing company 9 years later, but here we are!


Don would be the first to tell you that Zeal’s origin has its roots in both passion and frustration. When the book that is now Space at the Table crossed his desk, Don knew he had found something important. He pitched the book to publishers, who reluctantly turned it down. But Don believed the world needed this book and that Space at the Table had to be published—so he started a new publishing company, Zeal Books!


We do things differently here. We’ve created a new process for publishing our books; a “customized outsource” model is probably the best way to describe it. Our team identifies exceptional specialists—editors, designers, and marketers—to craft each book. This process allows us to work with the very best people for each title, giving it the specialized, focused attention every book deserves.


Zeal is based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Portland is a town full of readers if ever there was one. Perhaps we’ll see you in Powell’s reading one of our books, or at the waterfront munching on something from one of our city’s amazing food carts.